domingo, 17 de junio de 2012


Because I know you aren't gonna stay,
I wanna think it's only a whim
that merely is limited to see your back,
after all this I fell can't stop your fly.

3 comentarios:

  1. Sometimes it's better watch your back ... right now, is when you have to do a better effort, and try to run faster or fly or jump, and fall to the side of the beloved, take her/his hand and not let go until she/he have heard the voice of your heart... only then, let her/him go free...

    1. Yeah but it's frighening. I don't wanna be hurt one more time by she so I prefer only be by her side like a friend. I know it can sounds coward but also I know that to one side of me there are more people who really want me... Maybe by the time I can forget this feeling that even I don't know its true identity ...
      And, thanks :)

    2. That's not be a coward, precisely, the most brave and subtle voice of the heart is friendship...